Grow your brand with our help, we incubate and accelerate projects like yours from the initial phase, through development and to commercialization.

From our experience we know that creating an online fashion store as an entrepreneur is not an easy task, but it is even less easy to market all those products in physical stores nationwide. From INDEPENDENT, we help all these brands to develop these fundamental activities in order to make their dreams come true

Hey entrepreneur!

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to make your dreams come true? Is fashion one of your concerns? Do you yearn to have a successful brand?

Do you have all the ingredients but you don't know what is failing you with your brand project? Do you want to market your brand but you don't know how? Do you lack time to realize all that you have in mind?



Incubation + acceleration

Dear entrepreneur, you are in the right place. At INDEPENDENT we collaborate in the growth of your brand, through financing, incubation, acceleration...even distributing brands like yours to stores.


But do not worry, you will not be alone on this journey, we will accompany you in this process and we will be at your side to advise and guide you to make your brand what you always wanted, because we know that uncertainty and lack of experience can play tricks, and thanks to ours we will achieve those goals that today may seem unattainable.


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