INDEPENDENT is a fashionable distribution channel that leaves nothing and nobody indifferent. We like to know that through our company, we make changes that the world needs. We are a transparent company, committed to the environment, trying to use sustainable products and instilling these values in our brands.

Our main task is to make both stores, brands, entrepreneurs and consumers feel satisfied with our services and products, among which we highlight exclusive and fashionable products such as eyewear and especially men's fashion.

We support brands, entrepreneurs, with resources, contacts and experience in the sector and stores having a wide range of products with which to satisfy their customers.

What is a distribution channel?

They are the means by which a manufacturing company chooses to get its products to the final consumer, trying to make it as profitable and efficient as possible.

The distribution channels are made up of service providers who research the market, promote the products and negotiate with potential customers about prices, delivery methods and inventories of the amount of product they need.

Your idea with our support

Grow your brand with our help, we incubate and accelerate projects like yours from the initial phase, through development and to commercialization. (al principio te he puesto dos opciones)

From our experience we know that creating an online fashion store as an entrepreneur is not an easy task, but it is even less easy to market all those products in physical stores nationwide. From Independent, we help all these brands to develop these fundamental activities in order to make your dreams come true.

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